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Drienica history dates back to the 14th century (the first recorded mention is from 1332), which was the pledge. The original inhabitants of the village was primarily concerned with agriculture, sheep, cattle and forest work. It currently has around 700 inhabitants. The original name of the village Som., then Soma. This name is based on the Hungarian  language. When in 1949 the village name was translated into Slovak and became Drienica. Soma is the name used in the area until today. The original population was Drienica Slovak nationality and Catholic religion. In 50-ies of the 20th century, when it was banned Catholic Church, part of the population went to the Orthodox faith. In the village inhabited by Ukrainian nationality. In these times of the elementary school began teaching the Ukrainian language compulsory, which lasted until the 80-ies.

The village Drienica sits under the south-facing slopes of Čergov hills in the upper part of  a brook and 4 km northerly from Sabinov. The centre of the village lies at a height of 445 metres above sea level. Vertical range of village´s area varies from 375 to 1068 metres above sea level. The village sits on the segmented lower highlands of central – carpathian flysch. Soil is mostly  brown, clayey, stony or acid. Area of Drienica is middling big – 1021ha ( 137ha of agricultural land, 807ha of forests, upland meadows and veldts, 77ha of village centre and residential area).

Drienica belongs to district of Sabinov, autonomous region of Prešov. In the past the village always used to be a part of Šariš´region and in the modern times a part of region of Šariš – Zemplín.

Neighbourhood of Drienica is convenient for going walking in whichever season. There are many paths through the woods and the fields, where you can also ride a bike or do cross-country skiing in the winter.

Recreational resort Drienica-Lysá is situated right  behind the upper part of the vilage. At the beginning there are weekend houses and the resort gradually passes into the recreational part. Many hotels and restaurants,  facilities for relaxation (indoor swimming pool, solarium, sauna, fitness centre, massages etc.) and ski slope with four ski lifts are situated there. Moreover, there is a chairlift, which takes you upon the hill Lysá. There you can find other accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants, ski slopes and what is more, many private recreational weekend houses. Recreational resort is used all year long. In the winter time you are offered to go in for winter sports whether on the ski slopes or to do cross-country skiing along the paths all over the area. The summer time is very convenient for going walking or riding a mountain bike. Hotels and private weekend houses provide acommodation during the whole year