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Step by step – together in Europe


Step by step – together in Europe

Project Title:  ”Step by step – together with Europe”


Aim: To promote economic and social development Perechyn in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) and Driyenitsi in Presov region (Slovakia). Facilitation of cross-border cooperation between border regions through increased tourist attractiveness of the two regions (training, cross-border cooperation and development miltylinhvistychnoyi products).


Specific objectives
- Create conditions for regular exchange of theoretical and practical experience of entrepreneurs in tourism tastvorennya new tourism products
- Ensure adequate representation of the municipality, partners on the project in joint cultural festivals, sports and tourist exchanges, advertising materials, selected villages for DVD-ROM, etc..
- Increasing public awareness of the results obtained from international projects

The main objectives of this project is to train entrepreneurs in the two regions, to acquaint them with tourist facilities (in Ukrainian Pryashivschini and Slovaks in Perechin). Prepare and release a short film and booklet about the tourist appeal of the two regions. And also to reconstruct the building in multi-center for tourists and a museum in the city Perechin and reconstruction of buildings under multyfunktsionalnyytsentr and mini-hotel Driyenitsi.

Artists of the project:


Partner 1: local government in the village Driyenitsa (Presov region, Slovakia);
Partner 2: Charitable Foundation “Center of public initiatives” in cooperation with Perechyn City Council (Transcarpathian region, Ukraine);

Target groups: entrepreneurs in tourism from the applicant and partners, communities of the two settlements